Getting a divorce is never pleasant. This is especially true when there are children involved. If you are getting a divorce in the San Antonio area, you need to get the help and advice of a family law attorney. Divorce laws and procedures are complicated and you should not attempt to handle a divorce on your own. This is especially true if your case involves children and the issue of child support.

A San Antonio family lawyer understands all of the applicable divorce laws and will use them to help you get the maximum possible amount of monthly support for your child or children. A family law judge takes many factors into consideration when awarding support payments to a parent. Some of these factors include the incomes of each of the parties, who has primary custody of the children and the other financial obligations of the parties.

Sometimes circumstances change and a custodial parent may need to ask the court for more money to support for the children than was originally granted. An attorney can petition the court for a modification of the original court decree to allow for an increase in monthly support to accommodate the your new situation.

A lawyer can also help you if you are paying support for your children but need to have the monthly payments lowered because of changing circumstances such as the loss of a job or other income. A lawyer can help you to reduce your monthly support obligations in a wide variety of special circumstances.

Don’t take chances when it comes to making sure that your children get the support that they deserve and are entitled to receive. Talk to a San Antonio family law attorney concerning any child support issues that you are experiencing. You will get confidential advice on how to resolve your problem.



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